The reopening of the fairs

From 15 july the italian state has ordered, in agreement with. The conference with the regions, the reopening of fairs, congresses and conferences good news for all companies that in recent. Months have had to give up personal contacts with customers and suppliers . Particularly for the sectors of activity included in the definition b2b, business to business, the. Personal meeting with other customers in concentrated times, the possibility of checking the. Mood and market trends with a simple tour of the stands are factors that play favor of events. Obviously, however, since these are moments in which many people gather in the. Same place, the reopening of the fairs involves some organizational obligations of a certain importance, which you will find summarized in this interesting article of which we summarize the main points.


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In compliance with the directives of the government philippines photo editor and the technicalscientific committee, customers and organizers are asked to measure the temperature, rigorous compliance with social distancing and the provision of quota entrances and separate routes for access and exit from the exhibition centers. . Also essential is the presence of a dispenser for sanitizing liquid at the entrance to each stand, and the use of a mask when a safety distance cannot be guaranteed. Respect these essential rules, you will be able to start meeting customers and suppliers again, and as always, to do so it will be essential to present yourself in the best possible way. Thus, on the occasion of the reopening of the fairs 4graph.

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The Reopening of the Fairs, in Short

It offers you four useful suggestions for materials that UAB Directory cannot be missing in your stand. Paperback, threaded and stapled catalogs one of the flagship products of 4graph. It are catalogs, an essential element of communication within a trade fair. Depending on the type of message and the amount of content in your catalog, you can choose a simple staple binding or, for more fullbodied catalogs, thread finishing or milled perfect binding. If you need a particular attention to detail that makes the difference, you can count on special finishes such as varnishing with reserve and hot stamping in gold and silver. Brochures and flyers to speak more easily to more people, you can choose from brochures and flyers.

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