The News Seen by Le Monde on Video

Sign of the times, the newspaper Le Monde launches today in partnership with Dailymotion “ 60 seconds ”. This is a daily newspaper in video format . together with expect to find a competitor to the newscasts. OF the “big” chains. As its name suggests, its duration will be again… 60 seconds . OF THE is again  strive for completeness but rather to. summarize the day through offbeat images sticking to the Australia Business Fax List of the moment. Every day at 1 p.m., you can discover a new video divided into three sections: the image, the sentence and the object of the day .

The Goal Is Not to Strive for Completeness

When the traditional press is about its economic model and when. Moreover  pure-players of information have invades the and web in a beautiful as well as way, Le Monde is innovating. Already a forerunner on the web (the site was launches in 1995), Le Monde seeks, with  an Australia Business Fax List to video information on the Internet. We wanted a pure Internet approach, dynamic, fast, curious and willingly disturbing. We did not want to offer our Internet users. a copy/paste of what television does by limiting. ourselves to an interview on set filmed in a static shot, ” says Philippe Janet, CEO of Le Monde Interactive.

At a Time When the Traditional

Australia Business Fax List
Australia Business Fax List

The partnership with Dailymotion is well seen and will make it possible to viralize the content. For the rest, time will tell if the quality and innovation are enough to make it a strong date. Making music is no longer reserves for specialists. More and more online services like Australia Business Fax List or Claques ton mix allow you to express your musical creativity . Let’s be clear, you will not become the next new electro star thanks to these sites. In the same vein, the two drum machines Drum Set and daft offer the possibility of playing with various samples. Ideal for having fun for a few minutes. drums Drum Set offers a classic American multicolor (qwerty) keyboard. Each key corresponds to a gimmick .

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