The New Master’s Degree

Its educational model and its online nature. As the British historian Mary Beard put it. our university has found a way to “harness the power of new technologies to enhance the experience of new generations . ” This has resulted in subjects able to naturally take on the latest texts and authors on historiography . open up to the possibilities of data science and collaborate with leading specialists in their respective fields of knowledge. Because it is not a question. for example. of adding a few drops of gender perspective. but of incorporating this look in a transversal way. aware that. in the words of the historian Natàlia Mora . without it we cannot understand. for example. such relevant transformations as the processes of industrialization. CHUTTERSNAP (Unsplash) The second differential fact is already explained in the name of the new degree and is the desire for a truly global and contemporary perspective .

In this sense. the chronology begins with the emergence of modernity and understands to this day. because we focus on relevant and living historical processes. with cuts that do not respond to geographical criteria but thematic. This leads us. for example. to talk about productive revolutions and the latest globalization and uberization. analyzing how its impact. depth and timing varies according to the region analyzed and. in each case. we can identify continuities and differences. Therefore. we speak of the West. but also of Asia or other parts of the world. but in an integrated and reasoned way. Without a global perspective. our understanding will always be limited . Without a global perspective. our understanding will always be limited.

There Is The Desire

To incorporate new perspectives both through Singapore phone number that bear in mind other formats and uses (including abuses) of history. but also border issues with other disciplines. rooted in the past and with continuity in the present. That is why we approach. among others. the impact of science and technology on different cultural realities; to the climate emergency from ecology and environmental studies; to the effects of epidemics. migrations or population crises from demography; in recent work on economic inequalitiesboth politically and socio-economically; or illiberal drifts and hopes for transnational collaboration from the political sciences. Because as one of his teachers reminded the historian Josep Fontana : “ What we want is not a cold science; but it is a science ”.

Singapore Phone Number

Etienne Lo ck . a postdoctoral researcherin the UOC ‘s Arts and Humanities . a member of the ALTER group and a specialist in the History of Contemporary Africa. reflects on the future of the continent on the occasion of Africa Day . Annie Spratt (Unsplash) Beyond the ever-recurring clichés about the African continent. highlighting autocratic regimes. questionable democracy. scourges like wars. poverty. illegal immigration off the continent with thousands dead in the Mediterranean. Africa it is the continent of the future . In fact. it presents assets that are not only unparalleled elsewhere. but also have the hope of humanity beyond the challenges that each generation must overcome.

Africa Is The Continent

With the youngest demographics; and the dynamism of this youth not only radiates within the continent. as Europe. America. Asia and even Oceania. benefit from the potential of this African youth. National Cancer Institute (Unsplash) In fact. many young Africans are engineers. doctors. researchers. inventors… Outside Africa in and for the benefit of all mankind. In addition to this human capital. Africa is the starting point for all the technological innovations of our time . And in fact. there are no smartphones. No computers built to meet our current needs. No development in medical research or in the military industry as we know it if Africa does not contribute. Their many riches. Many of which are still unexplored. And even unknown. Allow men and women everywhere to anticipate improving their living conditions.

Africa is the starting point of all the technological innovations. Of our time Because of its potential for resources of all kinds. Africa has contributed and continues to contribute to the development of other geographical areas of the planet. All other continents take advantage of the source that is Africa; all other peoples benefit from the generosity of this continent to develop. Africa. therefore. is not only the cradle of humanity but also. and to a greater extent. nourishes it. All the economic forecasts turn it into a market with immense possibilities for the future . All the projections in this sense make Africa the source to which we must turn.

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