The Most Popular Searches of 2008 on Yahoo

What do Barack Obama, the stock market, the iPhone, Carla Burni, Laure Manaudou, Secret Story or even More beautiful life have in common? They occupy the top of their category in the 2008 ranking of the most searched keywords in France on Yahoo. The Buzz 2008 site takes stock of Internet users’ habits in terms of research. It draws a portrait of what interests the French, domain by domain. Thus, the most Uruguay B2B List-after sportswoman is Laure Manaudou , Rihanna makes a lot of noise in terms of music, High School Musical would be the film of the year and Plus belle la vieyour favorite series.

Abets in Terms of Research

The results are not the most qualitative but seem to reflect the tastes of the general public. Here are the top 10: 1. Secret Story 2. Olympique de Marseille 3. Plus belle la vie 4. Paris Saint-Germain 5. Star Academy 6. Rihanna 7. Barack Obama 8. New Star 9. Carla Bruni 10. Akon buzz2008 A few surprises (for my taste) slipped in. Guy Hiccups is 8th in the News section (spelling problem?). Jean Sarkozy steals 4th place in politics from Sarah Palin , just behind his father. Barbie is the second hottest item. The Turkish series Uruguay B2B List takes 8th place in its category. Finally, note that La brute is the 9th most popular online game of the year, just behind WOW!It works by Drag & drop and offers a fast high quality printing system (400 dpi). And it’s only available on… Mac. Ampersand is going to be happy.

To Reflect the Tastes of the General

Uruguay B2B List
Uruguay B2B List

The PC version should arrive soon. poladroid Many sites allow the same kind of transformation if these are not suitable for you. As a bonus, here are two rather cool generators. Tinytags : choose your text, inclination, size and color of the support, and you will have this generated: generator Uruguay B2B List and nice. You can download the generated image or host it directly on Imageshack. The service is offered by the inevitable Wigflip and found on the excellent Generator’s blog . Random Recipe Generator : you are not dreaming, this is indeed a cooking recipe generator. To be used only in cases of extreme urgency, the revenue generated has absolutely no meaning. That’s what’s funny The site is in English.

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