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Sound activates the sense of hearing. as well as that of sight. so which will help the brain slow down scrolling to entice people to the post (or promotion). However. to achieve this. this audio must be striking. which is why TikTok pointed out some tips for implementing music within brand promotions. which could well be applied on other platforms that are used for the same purposes: to attract the attention of the audience. These are: Get a popular audio license. Within platforms like TikTok. the use of sounds is restricted for brands. but brands can organize their own license offers for music clips. something that can be very useful if you are looking to take advantage of trends.

Amplify brand sounds. Brands can also turn their proprietary audio into an in-app promotional tool. Generate new audio. Creating original sounds to promote your campaigns could even spark a new trend that makes your business go viral. Although paying for a license might seem impossible for any brand that is starting up. platforms such as TikTok or Instagram have a free commercial music library. with which companies can access hundreds of thousands of pieces of music. and sounds licensed for use within them. However. if the case of the company is the previous one. the best thing would be to consider the audio elements available to brands to be noticed among the millions of videos that circulate on the network to make promotions within the applications a success. .

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READ MORE YouTube attacks TikTok  highlights its value in music The TikTok algorithm will no longer be a secret: ByteDance will sell it to whoever can pay it TikTok changes privacy policy: It will collect biometric data Nostalgia marketing is one of HBO Max’s biggest tools in the Gossip Girl reboot. a successful production that originally premiered in 2007. One of the series that marked an entire generation will return with a new version. it is Gossip Girl. which will premiere on HBO Max next month and which seems like a bet by the company to deal with the popularity of the youth series of the competition. because even users compare the production with Elite. With a new cast. new stories. new characters. but with a nod to the past. HBO is committed to reaching new generations with this production that.

with a two-minute trailer. immerses viewers in the universe of ‘Gossip Girl’ . a production that took place between 2007 and 2012. which was immediately related to another current phenomenon. With a story that revolves around “teenage” drama. sex. drugs. alcohol. cyberbullying. love. and a class struggle. a group of young millionaires from an exclusive institute. the streaming company that will arrive in Mexico at the end of June this year plans to take a swing at Netflix. which had captured the attention of younger generations. Nostalgia marketing. advantage for Gossip Girl? Although the difference to the competition is that the HBO production has a successful history that it seeks to reflect within the same universe. only eight years apart and new names on the screen such as Emily Alyn Lind.

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Whitney Peak. Eli Brown. Johnathan Fernandez. Jason Gotey. Tavi Gevinson. and Thomas Doherty . among many. And it is that the name of a product can the success of a new version. if it is carried out in a pertinent way. so it seems that the streaming company did not stray so far from the original story to try to ensure success. simply adapted it to the new generations. The story will be told again by the American actress Kristen Bell. who gave voice to Indiscreet China in the past. it seems to have similar locations. as well as reflect the style and scandalous life of the protagonists. clear examples of nostalgia marketing. the which makes us uses icons of the past to attract the attention of the consumer and make him relive happy moments.

Thus. a very positive state of mind is generated. conducive to connecting with our target at a very high emotional level. The feeling of nostalgia derives from the longing to relive a past that has been idealized. and combines many different memories with a strong association between them. This same strategy will be used by Netflix. which is preparing the reboot of another popular Spanish-language series. Rebelde. of which it has not yet given more details. but which could use similar tactics to the launch of HBO. The Netflix Advantage Despite the fact that nostalgia marketing is one of the strongest strategies of the competition. Netflix’s advantage is that many of the new generations did not see the story of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf.

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