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Could consider implementing its sale in other world markets. In the style of Thanos: Disney-Marvel bets on uncertainty as a strategy for its cinematographic. Universe Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp. Share on pinterest Share on twitter 07/21/2021 Today in marketing . Marketing Written by Mario Ostos Marvel will use a strategy. That has worked well in the past when it introduced Thanos. a character whose development was predicted years ago. With small ‘tastes’ that aroused the curiosity of the audience. Thanos was not a character concept generated from one day to the next.

Behind him there is an important content dissemination campaign based on uncertainty. In Marketing. these types of strategies are effective in generating expectations among the consumer. or the audience in this case. The bet for the new in the Disney-Marvel cinematographic universe is something similar. Could it once again be the hook that the content giant expects? Generating expectations in marketing is playing with the mind and feelings of the consumer. In such a way that his intrigue and desire to know the product or service increase. Exponentially with each contact he has with the promotional campaigns. To obtain the objectives and comply with this strategy properly.

Certain Characteristics Must Be Taken

Into account: creativity . to draw the attention Namibia phone number the target audience; planning. Take into account who will communicate the strategy. the locations if necessary and the media and channels through which the campaign will be disseminated. Of the elements mentioned. Marvel. hand in hand with Disney. Is a great expert in the matter. As evidenced by Thanos and Captain Marvel and it is the bet that leads to the future of its cinematographic universe. Is it really enough to convince fussy audiences? For a decade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe kept its interest in Thanos. The brief appearances of him and mentions of him in different films of the franchise announced a triumphant appearance.

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The promise between the lines was fulfilled after a decade of following the. Mad Titan’s transformation into the most ruthless creature in the cosmos. Is it possible that the world will once again witness the impressive numbers that Marvel movies manage to generate? Let us remember that films like Infinity War. The Avengers and Black Panther have managed to raise impressive figures. in fact. according to data from Statista . Avengers: Infinity War. With just over 2 billion dollars. The Avengers. with more than 1.5 billion dollars and Black Panther. With more than 1.3 billion dollars are already in the top of the highest grossing films of all time worldwide. These same tapes achieved more than 200 million dollars at the box office only in their first week in theaters in North America.

And That The Rest

of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) installments have managed to exceed. The line and 50 million also in the same period of time. The bet continued and was effective with Captain Marvel. So it is not surprising that marketing efforts have once again focused on generating great expectations in their marketing strategy. Marvel bets hand in hand with Disney. For an expectation marketing strategy (((Spoiler alert))) Now. The film adaptation of the world of comics repeats the formula. Another figure has just arrived in the increasingly populated universe of characters to become the central villain.

Kang the Conqueror. or any of the variants of him. Appeared almost by surprise in the last episode of Loki season . Played by Jonathan Majors. the more benign version of the villain presented his origin story in a long explanatory scene. Marvel avoided mentioning his name. Thus opening up the possibilities of a long journey on screen to reach his deadliest version. As happened with Thanos . it is the first indication of what will be a long journey to a tremendous end. But the big question is unavoidable. How necessary is a single villain for an interconnected narrative? It is evident that this is a way in which Kevin Feige makes sure to unite all the stories under the same objective.

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