The Impact Studied of Market Into the Companies From Romania

Romanian business leaders ensure their success through strategic decisions. Based on a thorough knowledge of the industry in which they operate. How do I do this? Market research, according to the leaders of three quarters of Romanian companies. Helps them find the Finland WhatsApp Number answers to the questions they have about customers and the competitive environment in general. The 252 representatives of some Romanian companies, which followed the MKOR Consulting approach, are part of all management levels, from entrepreneurs and top managers, to middle managers.

Strategic Decisions Are Made Following a Market Study

In other words, people with decision-making power in their companies. Download for free the White Paper on the Impact of Market Research in Romanian Companies. Download WhitePaper Impact of Market Research 2018 I. Following a market study Two-thirds of market research companies want to understand the market as a whole and the changes in the business environment in which they operate. And 53% of market research companies believe that these are powerful tools that help them make informed, strategic decisions. A quarter of companies use market research to measure and validate actions they have already taken.

Market Research Has a Positive Impact

Finland WhatsApp Number
Finland WhatsApp Number

While another 26% do market research either to complete.  Another 45% of market research companies find out about their competitors. positive-market-impact-study. Market research has a positive impact, according to business leaders The majority (91%) of those who conduct market research believe that they have a positive impact on their business. Informed decisions based on well-founded studies bring them an average increase in turnover of 29%. Download for free the White Paper on the Impact of Market Research in Romanian Companies: Download WhitePaper Impact of Market Research 2018.

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