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Its strange lands. as well as its hydraulic potential. they certainly arouse greed. But above all. everyone says that Africa is the future of humanity in terms of economic and environmental issues. Africa. therefore. is not only the cradle of humanity but also. and to a greater extent. nourishes it. The proven and proven resilience of the men and women of this territory. especially in the light of calamities such as HIV / AIDS. the Ebola virus and currently COVID-19. also makes Africa the continent of future. And. in fact. since the beginning of the current pandemic. which continues to kill many people and is still being fought for. Africa has offered a ray of hope and even good expectations.

Not only has it ruined all the predictions that were made about it in terms of the dramatic consequences of COVID-19. but also its low death toll. as well as the very high number of recoveries. probably herald that it is Africa keeps the secret of the way out of this disastrous situation. It is in Africa where we will no doubt have to find the definitive answer to the current pandemic. In this way. It is in Africa where we will no doubt have to find the definitive answer to the current pandemic Wayne Lee Sing (Unsplash) From Algiers (Algeria) to Cape Town (South Africa) and from Dakar (Senegal) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Africa’s geographical. human and cultural diversity also makes it rich. for all mankind . By bringing together all kinds of settlements known to the world.

Africa Is A True Concentrate

Species Because humanity has always been South Korea phone number  to count on Africa. it has always explored and exploited what this continent has to offer. and it can always count on it. it is time to say. like Alioune Diop . the twentieth-century Senegalese intellectual: ” We trust Africa . This well-deserved trust has also been highlighted by filmmakers. valuing Africa’s knowledge of what it is and what it is capable of offering. This has led to instructional films. some examples of which are: La Noire de … (1966). by Sembene Ousmane : Beyond the heroine of the film. expresses the drama of Africa in its relations with the West. Frame from La Noire by… Yelen (1987). Some Exploration of the Mystery of Africa. Yelen frame Abderramahmane Sissako ‘s Bamako (2006): An African View of Exogenous.

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Forces Considered Imperialist Under the Cover of Financial Aid and Development. Frame from Bamako La pirogue (2012). by Moussa Touré : exalts the benevolence of an older brother and thus symbolizes that of Africa. the largest of the continents and peoples. Els Choses et Els Mots de Mudimbe (2015). by Jean-Pierre Bekolo : Beyond the philosopher Valentin-Yves Mudimbe. he praises African intellectuals and their potential. Frame from Les Choses et Les Mots de Mudimbe Thought in Motion (2018) by Jean-Pierre Bekolo : through African intellectuals highlights the current problems of Africa. as well as the future of our planet.

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Influencer market continues to be the favorite bet for brands to attract consumers. This was demonstrat by the most recent Viva Aerobus campaign. In which the Mexican airline seeks to highlight its new alliance with Reforestamos México. And where it used this strategy to become a trend. Through its Twitter account. The airline made a publication promoting its new alliance. Which almost immediately was fill with comments from different Mexican influencers. From different fields of entertainment between digital and television to make its hashtag become a platform trend. With dozens of comments in favor of the brand’s actions. The brand also managed to attract personalities with thousands of followers, who, although they do not have a check mark. Are accounts with a strong reach within Twitter.

Influencer marketing continues to rise Despite the fact that there are still. Companies and marketers who do not believe in the value of a collaboration with an influencer for their brand. Most companies in the United States bet on influencer marketing as one of their strongest strategies to this 2021. The forecast indicates that 67.9% of marketers from companies with 100 or more. Employees affirm that influencer marketing is within their. Plans to incorporate their brands, 5.6% more compared to last year. As indicated by the report . Influencer Monetization 2021.

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