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Which is why it is expected that the funds for this tactic will also increase, and that by 2022 the percentage of companies that use this strategy is 72.5%. “After an initial lull in spending in the first half of 2020, marketers quickly resumed and even increased spending as budget constraints and studio closures curtailed traditional ad production,” Enberg said. Travel among the most sought after, opportunity for Viva Aerobus A recent Pinterest study confirmed that among the most frequent searches, at least within its platform, are travel, so adding this trend to the impact of a well-executed influencer marketing campaign can result in success for the airline.

It should be noted that the campaign also revolves around an ecological axis, another of the issues of greatest interest to the younger generations, who according to Steve Squeri, CEO of American Express, the spending of these young people is ” 105 or 125 percent from pre-COVID levels in 2019. ” The Financial Institution assured that it expected a similar phenomenon, due to a latent and repressed purchase intention in both the travel and consumer goods sectors. However, this phenomenon was expected to occur in the general population, not just in the millennial /Gen Z segment.

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To measure the success or the impact of the Spain phone number campaign, but what was clear is that Viva Aerobus seeks to reach the youngest with all its structured strategy. If you want to learn about digital marketing, then you should start following these Twitter accounts Do you already know these accounts? If you like digital marketing, you should follow these accounts. digital marketing twitter accounts Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world and from which you can take great advantage and not only use it as your personal diary. Better start using it better, not only to follow news accounts or stay informed, because if marketing is your thing, these accounts may interest you and you will surely learn a lot in a simple and entertaining way.

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That is why we recommend ten Twitter accounts that you should start following. If you are interested in learning about digital marketing. Billie Jou Tailor Twitter: @billiesastre We start the count with Billie Sastre, founder of in which she helps mothers to be community managers. She has a blog where she talks about digital marketing related to customer service. She also shares more about how to treat clients and achieve your goals on her Twitter account. If this sector is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to follow her! 2. Patricia Beshia Twitter: @PatriciaBehisa Patricia Beshia is a Twitter user and digital strategist. She is an expert in social media, she also has knowledge about SEO and developing digital content. On her Twitter account, she shares content related to all these topics. It is an account that is definitely worth following, with more than 98 thousand followers.

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In the design of strategies for social networks, as well as digital strategies and HR management. He is also a digital consultant. He has written several books and has more than 107 thousand followers. Antonio Cambronero Twitter : @blogpocket Antonio Cambronero is a computer scientist, consultant, teacher and blogger. That is how he defines himself on his Twitter account. In which he has more than 108 thousand followers. He also has a blog where he talks about marketing and strategies to optimize digital content. In his account you can usually find tips and publications related to. Improving and positioning your content through platforms such as WordPress.

Pablo Hernandez Twitter: @PabloHernandezO Pablo Hernández has just over 115,000 followers on his Twitter account. He is also the founder and CEO of the agency @IngeniaAgency. This Mexican tweeter is also co-founder of Pago Fácil and is vice president. Of the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies (AMAP). On his Twitter account, he often shares content about strategies to improve the performance of your company. Raul Miruri Twitter : @RaulMirur i Raúl Miruri is a Spanish blogger. Who shares tips on digital marketing, as well as SEO positioning strategies. Social networks and blogging. A very active account with great tips that you cannot miss.

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