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However, once you decide this, create posts that help you appear in those search results. Create a calendar Define publication and content dates. This way you establish a habit when working and also for your readers. A little SEO will help Knowing the parameters that Google values when “giving SEO points” is vital. At least the main ones: optimized images (low weight, title, description…), structure in H1, H2 and H3, develop publications as long as possible (it is recommended that they exceed 500 words), links, etc. Share the posts on your social networks Amplify its diffusion through social channels. One of the SEO factors is the success of content on social networks.

In addition, for this it is also important that you offer the option to share in a visible way in all publications. You can even encourage people to share the posts. Diseño responsive This point is essential. If your web page is not adapted to mobile devices, it is the first thing you should change – if you do not, Google penalizes you -. In the article “With WordPress you will easily manage your company page” we explain it and propose the solution. Send newsletters every month Email marketing works and newsletters help you generate more traffic on your website and also create a closer relationship with your readers (as long as you do it the right way). Here are some tips to create an effective newsletter .

The Simplicity And Regularity

Above all, of the incisions suggest a record of something, perhaps Denmark phone number  in a cycle, such as the moon. There are 24 cuts in the bottom row, 24 (some look double) in the middle row, and 17 visible in the top row. It is an object that has passed through many hands and has been used for many generations. The design cut into a straightened tusk was a geometric abstraction of the Great Mother Earth, formed by concentric ovals to shape drooping breasts, rounded belly, and voluptuous thighs. The circle is the symbol of everything, the totality of the known and unknown worlds, and symbolizes the Great Mother of All. Concentric circles, especially the way it is used to suggest important maternal elements, reinforce the symbolism.

Denmark Phone Number

However, the head is an inverted triangle, with the apex forming the chin, and the base. Slightly curved in the shape of a vault, at the top. The triangle pointing down is the universal symbol of the woman. It was the outer shape of her reproductive organ and therefore also symbolizes motherhood and the Great Mother of All. The area of ​​the face contains a horizontal series of double parallel bars, joined by lines of lateral incision running from the chin to the position of the eyes. Note the 4 holes in the head, perhaps to carry herbs or flowers Triple burial of young people, one woman and two men, aged between 17 and 23 years. The girl shows significant pathological deformities on her face and was deposited in the center with a fetus between her legs; both men show signs of violent death Sunghir Sunghir burial. 25,500-24,430 years.

He Wore A T-shirt

Therefore, a cap that could be rebuilt thanks to the 3,500 ivory beads that, sewn together, decorated the clothes. Sunghir’s double burial. A boy and a girl, about 7-9 years old and the other 12-13 years old. 21,800 years. They would be dressed with a total of 7,500 pearls sewn into the costumes. For instance, as well as ivory offerings bracelets. And ivory-tipped spears, spears and wheels on the sides. Kiev Museum of Natural History. House 4 of the Mezhirich site, 1979 season These are artificial spaces 6-8 meters in diameter. Built with strong and durable bone remains in the plinth the jaws fit into each other. And as a buttress a long bone of the limbs is place.

In conclusion, to close the space and delimit the vault in a “false dome” the teeth are place. The interstices are cover with intertwin shoulder blades and the ceiling is reinforce with the remains of skulls and vertebrae. Vertically and some long bones The number of mammoths needed in each construction is 20 to 50 individuals. ). They are lasting and stable centers in the territory,place of group aggregation. With a social function not always linked to daily tasks. Magdalenian: 14,000 – 11,000 Gönnersdorf Gönnersdorf (Rhineland-Palatinate), around 12,600.  Open to the southeast, shows the slate paving and a mammoth femur.

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