The Future of the Web in 2009

The web08 has just ended. The event, organized by Loïc Lemeur, was an opportunity to bring together many Internet players. PPC and HK took the opportunity to give us a special episode of “ How to: the keys to success ”. They asked 40 bloggers about their vision of the future of the web . What will happen in 2009 on the web? What will be the major axis of development? Among the most frequent Costa Rica B2B List, we find e-commerce , social networks , monetization , increasing the quality of content and mobile media. An interesting way to take the temperature.o not hesitate to indicate one of your tickets to him .

Among the Most Frequent

The mouse has just celebrated its 40th birthday! Sammy wishes her a happy birthday . Do you know nanopublishing ? David introduces us to the concept and one of its Costa Rica B2B List who is arriving in France. Yohann informs us of the launch of a new blogging/CMS platformby Microsoft. Will they be able to find a place? Finally, if you want to get Gmail stickers , a letter to Google will suffice! Relaxation The generator of the moment is undoubtedly the David Hasselhof poster generator . A must ! If you missed some big buzz in 2008, this roundup of the best viral videos of 2008 will help you catch up. To see on Vlogee. Haven’t decided on your Christmas gifts yet ? Vincent offers you 10 ideas for Open-Source enthusiasts . Finally, for those who go on vacation, a flight comparator is always useful.

Will They Be Able to Find a Place

Costa Rica B2B List
Costa Rica B2B List

Finally, a special thought for Dotclear 2 , chosen this week to equip Costa Rica B2B List blogging platform. A very good choice!The very good news of the moment on employment blogs in the North is to be put to the benefit of Sylvie. She has just found a job. Congratulations and good luck for this new adventure ! Among the advice provided by bloggers, note that of Benoêt Pacceu. It addresses the revenge of Bac+2 and Bac+3, which are increasingly appreciated by companies. Sébastien demonstrates his expertise in law by explaining one of the aspects of the labor code concerning the freedom of expression of employees. A popularization useful to all. Are you a dynamic worker ? Stephanie offers a test to find out.

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