The Free Software to Take Your Screenshots

To illustrate his blog, one of the easiest and fastest ways is to use screenshots. Close-up on a service, focus on a site, on a feature, a boost for a blogger… The opportunities can be Sweden B2B List . There are many ways to take those famous screenshots . Some online sites generate them automatically. In this case, you usually won’t be able to delimit it manually. Kwoutis more practical but is used in special circumstances. If you are browsing under Vista,

One of the Easiest and Fastest

The Snipping Tool (Program>Accessories>Snipping Tool) allows you to easily select the part of the screen that interests you and save it in one click in .JPEG or .GIF format. This is the most practical solution. If you are browsing under another operating system, many software works the s Sweden B2B List. This is the case of Capturino . Capturino is an easy-to -use free software . It allows you to make your personalized screenshots in a short time. Once installed, it looks like this: capturino The first three icons will be the ones you use the most. They allow you to select part of the screen, the whole screen or the active window.

This Is the Most Practical Solution

Sweden B2B List
Sweden B2B List

Other features are offered: automatically capture a selection area at regular intervals, send the results by email… You can also adjust your keyboard shortcuts, choose the quality of the generated screenshots … The most practical for my taste is still Capture the screen for a selection. You will be Sweden B2B List the size of the capture and choose precisely what you want to obtain as a result. The size of the window is specified during the setting. This will allow you, for example, to always use the same format to illustrate a post (300 pixels wide by 100 high, for example). After having made the different captures you need, you can save them one by one or all at once via the media manager which opens in a new window.

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