The four teams in Taiwan include Su Hengyu from the

Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are no longer just about bringing your own Kazakhstan Phone Number eco-friendly tableware and eco-friendly bags. The Audi Environment Foundation regards this environmental issue.Which has \ sustainable manner.

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After the exciting competition, the 2021 Audi Innovation

Award AIA came to a successful conclusion. All participating teams not only possessed strong innovative energy, but also proposed very interesting and complex designs. The excellent performance of the student team made the judges refreshing and impressed. Dr. Matthias Rossmann said that he is very much  possibilities consensus and joint efforts livable, and better for everyone, exclusive to the next generation of living environment.

Dr. Matthias Rossmann also shared two R&D projects

carried out by the Audi Environment Foundation. The first is a collaboration with the University of Berlin in Germany to develop a smart filter for the now ubiquitous microplastics. This filter is designed to be suitable for placement in the city’s sewer system. In addition to directly filtering out harmful plastic particles,

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