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In conclusion,Therefore, is paved with hundreds of slabs of slate and limestone of local origin, on which there are countless engravings many superimposed Slate slab, 12,600 years. Schematic representation of female figure Female profiles present a great variety of formalities, from the most evolved figures (with arms, legs, breasts and buttocks) to simple schematization (vertical line and curve of the buttocks), and always without a head. They usually share the space in pairs or in rows of up to nine characters, as if it were a dance. Museum of Art and History, City of Geneva. Interpretations The geographical distribution of Upper Paleolithic furniture art covers virtually all of Europe.

However, if we look at its location, it is easy to notice the existence of concentrations and dispersions that delimit the presumed communication networks following the river courses or the corridors between mountains. The Danube basin – from east to west – acted as an important corridor that formed the backbone of Central and Eastern Europe. Close to the source of the Danube is the headwaters of the Rhine, which – from south to north – allows to connect with the North Atlantic façade. We take Lake Constance as the junction of the Rhine and the Danube – the Rhine crosses it and the Danube, just north of Lake Constance

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Above all, and from there you can continue towards the France mobile number database and access the Italian peninsula saving the alpine orography, or to the west and enter French territory, from where you can go, or to the west through the basins of the Loire and from the Garonne and reach the Cantabrian ridge, or south through the Roina and reach the Mediterranean coastal strip and the eastern Iberian Peninsula. In red, the Rhine; in blue, the Danube River. Water infiltration from the Danube to the Rhine. A few kilometers away, Lake Constance (Bodensee) If by movable art we mean the totality of artifacts with some “decorative” element of the material patrimony of a society, we will be able to understand that the functionalities.

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After that,  of very diversified and divergent interpretations . Following Gamble. Pleistocene “artistic” works convey information among hunter-gatherer groups acquired through nomadism. This information is coded through costumes, technology, prestigious objects, etc.  Most importantly, And is transmitte through personal contacts. This transmission can be verbal or visual, and serves to know the society. Itself and the environment in which socio-economic events take place.  Instrument technology, and vestiges of subsistence processes.

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Similarly, this extended set of individuals, and the territory necessary. For the hunting-gathering system not to deplete the ecosystem. Can be describe as a regional group, which possesses a geographical area and meets periodically.  Is what is know as the fusion-fission phenomenon.  After that,  annual congregation. Of communities living apart or the gregarious behavior of groups. In a predetermined place according to the seasons, through which public and private life is organize. Of individuals and subsistence (fusion), and their subsequent disintegration (fission). These meeting places have been link to the great decorate caves of Western Europe.

In conclusion, the cyclical concentration of certain biotic resources (passage of migrations of herds of herbivores. Ascent through the rivers of salmon for milling, fruit ripening…) in a specific point of the territory attracts hunters-gatherers. Who cooperate in the catches and they share the results, celebrate success in a kind of “spring. The place through art (rock or furniture) and strengthen ties with marriage-parenting alliances. The hunting-gathering system is closely link to the environment on which it depends. In conclusion, during the late Pleistocene, human groups had to deal with areas where food was scarce.

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