The First Study About Diversity and Inclusion Into Organizations

The European Diversity Month (#EUDiversityMonth) is an effort to raise awareness of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at European level, to which member countries contribute through various actions aimed at both the business and social environment. In Romania, the Armenia WhatsApp Number national representatives. Of the Diversity Charter coordinated a series of events to promote this initiative. Together with the representatives of some of the largest organizations present in the country. Among the first signatories of the Diversity Charter in Romania and its research partner, MKOR Consulting conducted in 2019 the first study on D&I Management in Romanian Organizations .

Diversity and Inclusion in Romanian

From a new perspective: that of employees. In the two separate studies, we worked to mirror the perspective of companies and employees. So that we get a clear picture of what a diverse and inclusive environment really means in Romanian organizations . Based on the knowledge thus obtained, Human Resources managers or D&I managers in organizations can lay the foundations for the development of D&I Management policies that are anchored to the social and organizational context in our country. The most relevant results of the research.

Employees Associate Diversity

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Armenia WhatsApp Number

Then Founder of MKOR, at the Forum “Diversity Management in Romania – realities, practices and goals”. The event organized by the Romanian Diversity Charter marked. But The European Day of Diversity and took place online on May 20, 2021. “I am glad to see that the employees of the signatories of the Romanian Diversity Charter confirm that they respect their commitments regarding the adoption and promotion of D&I values ​​and principles. I believe that the results of the study are an important. Step in the effort to understand and strategize local D&I practices.

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