The Experience Plays A Very

Note that the quality of important role because, if it is positive, it generates a very good impact, leading to recommendations and positive comments.

However, when consumers do not feel that the investment has been worthwhile, they tend to become brand detractors. Hence the need to offer a perfect marketing mix!

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Therefore, loyalty programs are fantastic strategies to further enhance consumers’ perception of a company’s quality, commitment and responsibility.

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As you can see, loyalty programs consist of magnificent tools to

attract new customers, satisfy active consumers and even stimulate

the consumption of people who have stopped buying from the business.

Thus, this type of marketing action has a very positive impact on

consumer confidence in the company to the point of encouraging them to try, reactivate or remain faithful to the solutions that the company sells.

Undoubtedly, launching a powerful loyalty program increases the volume of sales in your business, but, in addition to this strategy, it is worth considering other aspects such as integrating a top-level sales team.

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There’s no question that LinkedIn is the world’s largest business and professional social network, but how is your sales team leveraging it? This platform offers excellent resources for sales reps (sales representatives), so it is essential to know how to sell on LinkedIn, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

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