The Experience Consumer Into the Digital

Once consumers decide which product or service to use, how do they make that choice? Advertising certainly has a say in this decision. But it is not enough to define similar products and services in the offer. Therefore, the experience that consumers have with the Egypt WhatsApp Number brand is more relevant than ever. Analyzing the consumer experience is one of the steps that will help you to build loyalty with existing. Customers and attract new ones through a system of recommendations. Consumers are very receptive to recommendations made by friends and acquaintances.

Consumer Experience, More Important

They are even willing to make recommendations. Consumer experience, more important than the promise of quality In a study conducted by Ipsos & Medallia , when asked about the factors that influence their purchasing decisions or to continue to use a brand, in the top of consumer responses were the personal experience and opinions of friends, family and knowledge. Half of the respondents indicated personal experience as the main motivation. When choosing to buy from a certain brand. And 20% mentioned the opinions of friends and family. While 9% mentioned online opinions about other consumers’ brands. ipsos-medallia-grafic-1 New technologies contribute to this brand building system through recommendations. Social networks and review sites (e.g. Tripadvisor ).

Customer Orientation, an Essential Approach

Egypt WhatsApp Number
Egypt WhatsApp Number

Have changed the way brands and consumers interact. By these means, the brand’s reputation is constantly evaluated and thus diminished from the power that companies had over their own image through the traditional means of communication and promotion. Currently, the public image of a brand is defined online through reviews that reflect the experiences of hundreds, even thousands of consumers. More than half of consumers say they have left a review of the experience they have had interacting with a brand.

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