The Energy Management Game According to Chevron

Chevron is the second largest oil company in the United States (and fourth in the world). Producer of gas and oil, its slogan “Human energy” and its site seem to indicate a desire to “ find new and cleaner ways to supply the world with energy ”. The latter presents advice for saving energy and Trinidad and Tobago B2B List some important issues for the coming years. Let’s skip the obvious marketing positioning and self-legitimation, but Chevron continues to dig into this. vein by offering a very interesting educational game .

Company in the United States

Emeryville offers you to manage a fictitious city. You will have to find long-term solutions to supply it with energy. Attention, several aspects are to be manages: the budget , the impact on the environment and safety . Several sources of energy having a different impact on the three aspects Trinidad and Tobago B2B List mentioned above are proposes to you: natural gas, oil, solar energy, wind turbines and many others… energyville It’s up to you to choose your energy policy while managing the various impacts. At each level, you will need to provide enough energy for the next 15 years. You can also adopt different measures.

You Will Have to Find Long-term

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List
Trinidad and Tobago B2B List

Your actions will of course have consequences during this period. changes Each energy source is explaines in detail. This is also one of the main interests of the game (unfortunately in English). details The game is ultimately quite short but instructive. The economist group provided the data Trinidad and Tobago B2B List  for its creation. The game Emeryville If this style of play interests you, you can find, in a much grittier style, Oiligarchy . In this game, the goal is to generate maximum profit by extracting as much oil as possible from. The four corners of the world while manipulating the international political scene. The end, predictable, is in the form of an alarm bell.

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