The Economy Into the the Weather Coronavirus.

During this period of uncertainty in all markets. I keep abreast of everything that is happening at the macroeconomic level, both nationally and in foreign markets. This helps me stay balanced in judging economic realities, a quality that consultants need now Bahamas WhatsApp Number more than ever. Cristi Tudorescu MKOR Cristi Tudorescu, MKOR Associate Financial Consultant. I read with interest the new book by Iancu Guda, Economics in the time of the coronavirus , and I noted the findings on the present and his proposals on the future, with applicability in our business environment and in public policies.

Specific Features of the Romanian Business Environment

As I will show below, I agree with most of the ideas and proposals. While I have some comments or some additional nuances regarding some of them. And I have great doubts about some of them. These doubts belong to us, as citizens, rather. There are proposals that remain correct as logic and as desired, but I do not know if we will have the collective strength to put pressure on their implementation. It is gratifying that some of the above examples are being implemented as government measures to recover from the crisis. So, the author’s approach has an echo where it should have.

Companies Make Little Long-term Investment

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Bahamas WhatsApp Number

Economics in the Time of the Coronavirus, Iancu Guda Economics in the Time of the Coronavirus. Iancu Guda The analysis you will go through is quite long (but very interesting!), So we recommend that you use the table of contents below to go through the material more easily. Content Content Specific Features of the Romanian Business Environment In his book, Iancu Guda identifies 10 features. That show that the Romanian business environment is not ready for the long-term race.

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