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Willing to carry out the different tasks entrusted to them is essential to continue with the work. Customer service. also known as customer service. is a marketing tool. which is responsible for establishing points of contact with customers. through different channels. to establish relationships with them. before. during and after the sale. sale. Among its main objectives are: to guarantee that the product or service reaches its target audience. that it is used correctly and that it generates customer satisfaction. To achieve these objectives. it is important to provide support. advice. guidance. instructions and everything that facilitates this process. Problems in customer service.

Problems for companies In general. it could be said that companies have a problem with how their customer service workers face their working days. According to a Gartner study. only one in three customer service workers is truly connected to their work. The other two are neutral or disconnected. That is to say. either it is a job that they do without more or one that they directly hate. Be that as it may. this leaves most customer service workers in a negative position. which will also be a problem in the long term. According to Gartner statistics. these disenchanted customer service workers are 84 percent more likely to be looking for a new job than those who are connected to their job.

Even Those Who Are Not

Totally burnt out and appear neutral are more likely Senegal phone number  to be looking for another job than connected workers. The company thus faces a potential very high staff turnover. but it is also exposed to behaviors that are not very positive in customer service work. Now read: 7 reasons to train your customer service team The value of Customer Service: Woman asks for ballet class reports and rejects them because they charge Is the future of customer service in intelligent robots? Hyundai launches DAL-e project The world of influencers is increasingly filled with greater complications thanks to the diversity of topics that personalities deal with on social networks. Recently. a Mexican influencer reported that she contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus despite having positive thoughts.

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So she decided to share some recommendations with her followers to treat the disease that is increasing again in Mexico. This is the account from where the creator who lives in Monterrey. Nuevo León. decided to share her experience with the coronavirus and the protocol she followed to get ahead. She assured that despite the fact that she did not believe in the virus recently got infected. “I didn’t even believe in Covid and I thought it wasn’t going to hit me because I have positive thoughts. But it always did. I cured myself with sodium chloride and meeting God. Now I want to inform and share my protocol because there are many cases and what I did was wow.

She Asserted Through

His Instagram stories. recovered by the Whatthefake account. In the collection of stories. Paula is heard. as she is named on The Skinny Pineapple blog. The Mexican influencer is heard to emphasize that she did not believe that she was going to get coronavirus because of her good habits. assuring that the MMC or CDS is key to alleviating the disease. “I thought that I was not going to get Covid and not because I am super wow. not at all. I have a good diet. Have good habits. I have positive thoughts. There is really no rule… The point is how it gives us and what we can do about it… I think MMS or CDS is key. we have to take it yes or yes. everyone.

Because it oxygenates our body and apart from that it kills the cells of this virus. It leaves them without oxygen and they die. The MMS or CDS is very good for many things. It has many benefits. so whether or not you have Covid. it is very good. ”he assured. Similarly. On her Instagram profile. the influencer shared a post in which she added that she was only sharing her experience. She was not recommending it. since she was not a doctor or an expert on the subject. “Just as a friend tells you what worked for her. It’s what I’m doing here.

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