The Danger Of Misinformation

It can cause irritation of the mouth. Esophagus and stomach. As well as nausea. vomiting. diarrhea. cardiovascular and renal disorders. In July 2020. The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) issued a statement in which. It assured that “it does not have scientific evidence that determines the use of said product for the treatment of any disease.” “The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Health Authorities of various countries and this COFEPRIS join efforts to prevent the use of products based on Chlorine Dioxide. Sodium Chlorite or their derivatives . As well as the presentation called ‘Miraculous Mineral Solution (SMM. MMS or CDS)’ . Which are marketed irresponsibly for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Including cancer and COVID-19 . Said products can be found for sale illegally on the internet and in some establishments. Medical care and whose main use is as an industrial disinfectant ” . it was indicated in the letter . The importance of regulating influencers Unlike other countries. In Mexico there is no Law that regulates the content published or sponsored by “influencers” through their social networks. however. a few weeks ago Tec-Check Organization of Online Consumers AC. What The Fake and Los Supercívicos came together with the intention of promoting a public policy.

The Intention Of This

Is to protect citizens and consumers. Mainly Slovenia phone number consumers. to define and regulate the regulations of influencer marketing. A type of advertising that has been very recurrent in recent months and that has generated controversy on more than one occasion. . This Law is expect to be the actors involved in this type of advertising practices. Such as content creators. “influencers”. marketing agencies and brands. Take responsibility for the products they recommend and reflect on the personality of having a certain social media reach. Likewise. it is expect that awareness campaigns will be generate where the population knows the risks behind advertising scams. And misleading information that is disseminated through influencers on social networks or other profiles.

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It is important to mention that. According to an Inmar Intelligence survey . 61 percent of consumers listen to influencers because they trust their experience with products or services. So although Paula is not promoting any brand. Her recommendation or experience would be misinforming his more than 16 thousand followers on social networks. All products have their own life cycle that we can take advantage of if we carry out our marketing strategies correctly. Thousands of new products are present to all kinds of markets annually.

This Is Because The Cycle

Of a product’s life ends. The Destino Negocios site mentions Harvard professor Clayton Christensen. Who reports that each year more than 30.000 new products come onto the market and 80% of them are not successful. Among these we can find chairs. Cell phones. computer programs. etc. . The acquisition of new products by people depends on different factors; Grupo Antón mentions 4 main factors that consumers take into account when buying: Personal factors – The characteristics of people such as age. Occupation. economic situation. personality. economy. Self-concept and preferences influence when buying different products. Social factors – Depending on our main social circle.


We may find ourselves in the need to acquire or avoid certain products. In the same way due to social pressure Cultural factors – These are the basic consumer values. Behaviors and ideals. Cultural values depend on the needs of an individual due to their nationality. Religion. geographical region. social class. behaviors. etc. Psychological factors – The consumer’s perception of himself. his beliefs. attitudes. His motivation and interest in learning are essential factors that can provoke the consumer to acquire a new product. Due to some of these is that the life cycle of a product can be alter to fulfill different functions and in a certain period of time.

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