The Chinese Puzzle, by Fadhila Brahimi

This post was written by Fadhili Brahimi as part of the special digital identity week . Managing Director of the firm FB-Associés, specialized in business coaching in France and Algeria. She accompanies individuals and organizations day after day during major changes. She has been sharing her France and on her blog for almost 4 years. An essential personality in the HR blogosphere , she is omnipresent on social networks, especially on Twitter . She also speaks regularly in the press on the themes of digital identity, personal branding and on the social web.

Managing Director of the Firm

This post nicely presents how the web can profoundly change our perception of ourselves and has changed our life while giving it substance. Thanks to her. Indian Business Fax List Or when my life seemed simpler/complicated to me without the Web or when the Web comes to complicate/simplify my life! Put this sentence in the sense that will suit you because in fact if man has modified the machine, it is the machine which in turn modifies our behavior. My digital identity , my digital reputation , my personal brand and Personal & professional branding “you want some here”…

Change Our Perception of Ourselves

Indian Business Fax List
Indian Business Fax List

How many barbaric names under the sign of novelty to send me back to existential questions: who am I? Where am I going ? To do what? What do they think of me? Am I fine? Do they love me? Will they want me? etc My life seemed simpler to me before… and my bag was very heavy!  I had an Indian Business Fax List name for administrative formalities, a more presentable middle name and lots of nicknames for close friends according to age and situation. I was randomly sharing things about myself with my siblings, high school girlfriends, co-workers, friends, party buddies, neighbors, etc. Finally, schizophrenia was mine and I was fine with it

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