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This is a great initiative! A few weeks before Christmas (38 days to be precise), the collaborative comics blog Mon beau sapin opens its doors today. The concept ? Every day, a different author (and talented of course) will come to propose an original creation on the blog. A few days before Brunei B2B List, the Orange partner will pay a sum proportional to the number of visits to the Red Cross which will be reinvested in the purchase of gifts for underprivileged children . Everything is without advertising (other than the sponsor) and was launched on the initiative of Pénélope Bagieu (aka the fig of the comics blogosphere Pénélope Jolicoeur).

A Few Weeks Before Christmas

All you have to do is visit this blog every day and spread the Brunei B2B List  More info on Single . avatar3.JPGEvolver : the avatars here are in 3 dimensions. Not necessarily very fun but well done. avatar_4.JPGMadmen : creating your character in line with the Mad Men series, here’s a good idea! For those who wish to become a 60’s advertising star. avatar5.JPGJojoface : this one is a bit scary, so I saved it for the end… For those who love the gothic spirit! avatarrobot.JPGRobohash : Create your robot avatar from your name, your email, your IP address… : The site is an 8-bit avatar generator.

His Blog Every Day and Spread

Brunei B2B List
Brunei B2B List

Rather nice! avadolls.JPGIlumart: This site allows you to create your Brunei B2B List and customize it as you wish. You can also play with your avatar and complete quests. avatardigody. JPGDigody : Try to stick as closely as possible to reality! tismTizme : in a very cartoon style, tizme allows you to create an avatar from head to toe. Freckles, hair color, clothes… It’s up to you! You will need to register to save the result. avatarUnique : manga style avatars for your Twitter or Facebook account. Or other ! The customization options are numerous.

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