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And now, a question that is more related to the specific case of the UAG. We know that the UAG, here in Guadalajara, has a very good

reputation but has to compete with renowned universities throughout Mexico. So is the strategy aimed, at the end of the day, at

capitalizing on the reputation that they have here in Guadalajara to win students to larger universities that are also present,

or are they turning their focus to expanding UAG

to other markets that are a bit far from the university’s area of ​​effect to gain ground on its rivals in terms of market share ?

I believe that, like any product,

we are interested in gaining market share , but we are Nepal Phone Number also interested in keeping our reputation intact and publicizing how powerful the Autonomous University of Guadalajara is as an educational offer here in Guadalajara, or in Tabasco and Nayarit, which are our other campuses.

The important thing about knowing how to differentiate these

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areas where they don’t know us so well, is that there we can

act with a different message. If people do not know us, then we have to make ourselves known; if they already know us, we just have to communicate our advantages. There it depends on the geographical area, the type of message that we are going to deal with. Especially in digital communication,

we can be as assertive as an arrow.

Look, more than not moving in traditional marketing, I believe that a strategy has to be carried out hand in hand with traditional marketing. The public still sees this type of marketing, we can’t talk about two separate elements, we can’t talk about a digital strategy and then talk about a traditional strategy. I believe that both digital and traditional, is a single communication strategy. We are not talking about two strategies, we are talking about complementary elements.

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