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Work and expertise are once again at the center of blog posts from the East. Pascale addresses the subject of our Debate of the month: retraining. Better to want it or at least be ready. It is for her a logical continuation of life . Tomorrow, all reconverted? La battant deals with her favorite Guatemala B2B List, ecology, through a very informative video. We talk about global warming and renewable energies . Good news, Philippe informs us that IT services should remain buoyant in the region in 2009. Growth should be between 6 and 9%. Microsoft is about to release a new security suite for free. Lionel reveals his name to us: Morro.

The Center of Blog Posts From

Computer science still with Sylvain who is looking for a 12-week internship in Web development/Integration . Do not hesitate to contact him ! Pascal makes a very good Guatemala B2B List of his job: management controller . Difficult to do more complete! Finally, let ‘s end in music with a new column by Jean-Daniel. This time, he tells us about Lucien Dubuis’ concert at the Café des Anges as part of Jazzdor. We believe it!funnypic : this site offers you to transform your portrait like Brack Obama’s cult campaign poster. You can even change the slogan to your liking. Set yourself on American time! obamiconme funphotoboxFun photo box : classic service for Fun photobox. Upload your photo and embed it on various supports or landscapes: building, car, celebrity t-shirt.

He Tells Us About Lucien

Guatemala B2B List
Guatemala B2B List

The choice isn’t huge, and the other services aren’t ready yet. hancock Guatemala B2B List Evolution of dance 2 : EOD is the most viewed video of all time, just that. You can embody the hero of this viral video by uploading your photo. You will therefore see yourself dancing with Judson Lapply in a whimsical setting. As a bonus, you will change clothes regularly. Nice ! jpgfunjpgfun : jpgfun offers several effects. You can add your trombine to various magazines, in various frames or in a few sets. A mix of different sites of the genre in a way. dollars make the coverMake the cover : Relay is trying to start a buzz by taking up a concept that has already been talked about a lot. Here you can add your photo to many magazine covers. It’s up to you to play the stars!

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