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Buy my You crunch your colleagues to the fullest, is it good for teamwork? So to correct “a little if I can”, I’m not bulimic and I only crunch one colleague, the one who passed out at birth: Ludo the graphic designer! As Desproges said: “We can laugh at everything, but not with anyone”. In business as elsewhere I stick to this precept, I choose the galéjade according to the target and everything goes for the best! In this specific case, Ludo is the one who encouraged me to do my blog, by dint of receiving humorous Bulgaria B2B List, he persuaded me to write. He also gave me serious helping hands for the graphics of the site and the blog, I take this opportunity to give a layer of thanks! He’s more of an office mate than a simple colleague, I knew I could afford the joke.

Buy My You Crunch Your Colleagues

He was also warned, read the ticket in preview and as he giggled in front of his Mac that meant that I could publish! That said, we could talk for a long time about the rules for using humor at work, the right formula, the smoothing out of susceptibilities with great blows of the verb! Bulgaria B2B List be the subject of a future post! Humor should be on the curriculum of the Grandes Ecoles, management course? chapter 1: you can convey a lot more with a short, well-felt sentence than with a long speech. I can easily imagine our enarques passing the coef joke test. 5! Lately the editorial blog told us about the best job in the world, and about you what is the job that makes you dream? So, plan A would be an exciting job, within a good team, with interesting monthly payments…

Read the Ticket in Preview and as He Giggled

Bulgaria B2B List
Bulgaria B2B List


In short, if Euro RSCG or another small family company came to implore me to sign its proposal, however indecent it may be, I would accept. To stay within the conceivable order, I would like to work in the field of editorial and creative, communication, advertising (we said the best job in the world, not the most realistic job in the world) and why not freelance for d ‘other publications…

My Bulgaria B2B List s, I’m ready to give free demonstrations with no obligation to hire! And if the best job in the world is on the other side of the globe, no worries, I’m mobile (translation: I can put all my things in the boot of my Twingo and leave the next day)…I said that I was mobile, not bilingual! Plan B would indeed be a paradise island…a guard post on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia would suit me, I could always advertise lost cetaceans! In any case, before seriously considering plan B, my brain is still for sale (in euros, dollars, rubles…or in BN)!

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