The Best Job Blogs in the Paris Region

Graphic design and photography are the most developed themes by bloggers in the Paris region in recent weeks. Isabelle thus makes vector shapes for Photoshop. These many resources should delight graphic designers . Aurélie presents us with some photos taken by her. A common theme: How can we touch the sky? Carole also shares her pictures . It approaches the Christmas period by h  Cuba B2B List the prettiest store windows. A real treat for the eyes. Here is the latest example (twentieth photo): store How to attract the attention of recruiters ? Jean-Paul gives 4 tips on this subject. Stéphane had fun doing a test on Google about the four French companies most loved by young graduates. The results can be amazing. Joëlle, Edgard and Katia have set up a collective blog around a tutored project and they present their approach. Good luck with going back to school .

The Most Developed Themes

Atac invites you to find out more about work-study through a very interesting interview. Finally, let’s welcome Mourad who, as soon as he arrived, already offered some tips. The very Cuba B2B List of the moment on employment blogs in the North is to be put to the benefit of Sylvie. She has just found a job. Congratulations and good luck for this new adventure ! Among the advice provided by bloggers, note that of Benoêt Pacceu. It addresses the revenge of Bac+2 and Bac+3, which are increasingly appreciated by companies. Sébastien demonstrates his expertise in law by explaining one of the aspects of the labor code concerning the freedom of expression of employees.

The Very Good News of the Moment

Cuba B2B List
Cuba B2B List

A popularization useful to all. Are you a dynamic worker ? Stephanie offers a test to find out. Marie-Françoise takes stock of her year 2008 . Time flies ! Despite some bad news, Cuba B2B List motivated. We wish good luck for the future. Valere gives us some news. She is still looking for a job in computer graphics . Also a graphic designer, Damien shows us some of his flyer creations. The results are really successful. Anne tells us about her career in the field of human resources. Baghdad presents itself in an original way. Go welcome him ! Finally, Florence offers us a moment of relaxation by taking a closer look at the Norman wine and local products fair. To consume with moderation !

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