The 12 Essential Tools and Widgets for Blogging

The blog is not the prerogative of a community of geeks and computer scientists. You don’t need to know how to code or have any special technical knowledge to keep your journal online. Of course, that can be a plus. The most motivated do not hesitate to tweak their CSS and retouch various Ecuador B2B List to optimize their blog. Many others are content with basic features. This is usually the case when creating a job blog. The audience is diverse, ranging from college students to 50-somethings and all segments of the working population. A large majority starts from scratch. Monitoring, analytical tracking, widgets of all kinds, bookmarks, backlinks… This language so familiar to the community of high-tech bloggers can quickly become Chinese.

Community of Geeks and Computer

So how do you find your way through this mass of information and available tools ? I try as much as possible to popularize my content by choosing subjects and their treatment to make it accessible to as many people as possible. However, the mass of information published does not make the Ecuador B2B List of resources easy. To help new bloggers, here is a selection of tools, widgets and services to blog effectively. The list is obviously not exhaustive and necessarily subjective. It could have included dozens of sites and other categories (monitoring, monitoring, supports…), I limited myself to the basic tools. And you, what are your favorite resources? Illustrations and pictures Illustrations are a must to offer a blog that is pleasant to read.

Hrough This Mass of Information

Ecuador B2B List
Ecuador B2B List

Here are some free tools to help you with this. dr peakDr Pic : Dr Pic is an online Photoshop-like. You can retouch your images, reduce them, cut them… And do all the basic manipulations easily and quickly. More information about Dr Pic captureShotbot : Do you cite a site or blog and want to include a screenshot of it in your post?

This site offers several formats in one click. Simply enter the URL of the Ecuador B2B List e in question. iconeden14 sources of icons : icons are a non-negligible source of illustrations. Attention, if a large part is free of rights, it is often asked to place a link to the source. This list will provide you with the weapons you need to find the ones you need. Everystockphotos Everystockphotos : this search engine gives you access to thousands of free photos. The type of license and the conditions of use are indicated each time.

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