The 10 Most Downloaded Firefox Extensions

One of the main advantages of Firefox is the possibility of customizing its browser with extensions . And they are many! Among the thousands of plugins available for free on the market, it is not always easy to choose. You can always browse the many dedicated pages on the Saint Lucia B2B List , either by category or by following the site’s recommendations. Another method is to rely on their popularity: if they are already used by millions of people, maybe they are useful? I therefore take up the idea developed by Abadi digital by presenting the 10 most downloaded Firefox extensions of 2008 . 1 – AdBlock plus : blocks the display of advertisements and banners when you surf. 2 – No script : allows the execution of scripts only from sources that you accept.

The Many Dedicated Pages

Useful for safer browsing. 3 – Flashgot : download one or more links in one click very quickly. Especially the videos! 4 – Video downloadhelper : we stay in the same vein. This Saint Lucia B2B List you to extract content from a page: video, audio, photos… 5 – Downham all! : download manager. 6 – Autopage : automatically displays the next page when you have finished the one you are scrolling. 7 – Cooliris: formerly Piclens.

Allows you to display photos on a page in a more convenient and attractive way. 8 – Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer : allows you to share your bookmarks between several computers. 9 – Greasemonkey : customizes the display of pages. 10 – IE Tab : displays an Internet Explorer tab in Firefox. Convenient for testing.2008 has just ended, to us 2009

This Extension Allows You to Extract

Saint Lucia B2B List
Saint Lucia B2B List

I wish you a very happy new year ! And all that goes with it of Saint Lucia B2B List to work for those who are looking for it, good health, a blog with many visitors and comments… All my best wishes go with you! And to end 2008 on a high note, I would like to thank the many bloggers who gave me the pleasure of placing links here. Like last year, I had fun looking at the ones that sent me the most visitors. Here they are.

1 – Geeek’s blog 2 – User manuals 3 – The tribulations of a cashier 4 – TV of yesteryear & Today’s tools 5 – Job & Comm blog 6 – Unemployed 7 – Vendee sign 8 – .Carole, multimedia @ Paris. 9 – Presse Citron 10 – Webstorming 11 – And why not 12 – Freeware’s & tutorials 13 – Messier Loup 14 – Towline, heading for Brittany 15 – Articles and company 16 – The wonderful world of advertising 17 – Assistant on the move 18 – Grafite looks good 19 – Job seeker…? 20 – Ampersand

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