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At first I did not start as a specialist in universities, I was rather in communication agencies here in Guadalajara.

At the beginning I had accounts that had a more commercial touch. I’m talking about hotels, restaurants, companies, public figures […] another type of tone. My specialty was more digital communication,

not communication for universities as such.

After three years, more or less, of dedicating

myself to digital communication, the Autonomous University [of Guadalajara] became my client in one of the agencies in which I worked.

When I took over the [account] I was working with

the Autonomous for around six months. It was when I Macedonia Phone Number got to know the brand, the types of messages that are given here, the tone, the content and how we were creating it at that time.

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After working with them for six months, I changed jobs

to another company, a furniture store here in Jalisco, and after a year, they told me about the university to invite me to be part of their digital marketing team, and

I already knew Three years have passed since I accepted

the proposal, and here we are working

at the educational system level; We don’t just run the university.

I had to create the digital marketing department from scratch, before it was just me, and my bosses gave me the opportunity to add more people to the team to be able to structure a department as such.


In fact, that was what my next question was going to be about. What is the structure of the digital marketing team? What are the roles that its members fulfill?

Look, we are made up of 3 Community Managers who are running different accounts according to the profile of each one. There is also another person who is in charge of Content Coordination and Organic Content Production; I mean by organic everything that we are not advertising. [Everyone] does video surveys, image surveys, event coverage and coordinates with this person who is in charge of content.

Then we have another person who is a specialist in HTML, Java, styles [and] PHP, who maintains all part of our websites, both commercial and advertising, such as the Landing [pages], and we also have a design department that It helps us with all the type of art that we may need.

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