Technology to remove cb1 receptors on gaba neurons, and then performed the same exercise intervention and behavioral tests again

In the previous article, ” The Ever-changing Fluids (1): A 90-Year-Old Experiment “, we introduced the viscosity of fluids. Among them, asphalt has a very large viscosity, its flow is very slow, and its external performance is basically the same as that of a solid. At the end of the extremely low viscosity, there is a fluid without any viscosity, which is a superfluid. Superfluids have many amazing properties, such as being able to pass through tiny capillaries, put a superfluid in a container, it will climb up the walls of the container, run out of the container, and so on.


It is a pity that superfluids

With such miraculous Namibia Phone Number properties currently exist only at extremely low temperatures. What is a superfluid? In 1937, when scientists Kapitcha and Allen tried to cool the element helium-4 to an extremely low temperature, they found that when the temperature was lower than. At that time, the temperature of helium-4 reaches the “critical temperature”, and a fundamental change occurs ( Physically known as a “phase transition”), from a normal fluid to a superfluid. This property is not so common in ordinary fluids, let us recall one of the most common fluids in life: water. When we heat a pot of water on a gas stove, we will see the thermal convection phenomenon of the water: the temperature of the water closest to the fire source rises the fastest, and floats up due to the decrease in density, and the cold water next to the lower temperature goes to the center close to form convection.


Therefore, they used gene transfer

Namibia Phone Number

Technology to remove cb1 receptors on gaba neurons, and then performed the same exercise intervention and behavioral tests again. Changes in sedation, demonstrating that the complete endocannabinoid pathway in animal research models requires both the presence of ecb-producing stimuli (prolonged exercise) and the presence of a corresponding receptor (cb1) to regulate runner hi-related changes. From this interesting study. Further analyzed the mechanism behind runner hi. But because the experimental data obtain  from mice. The conclusion of how to interpret this animal model in humans in. The future is to understand runner hi a big. step. I hope all readers who love running . Move smart and run well! This article  publish with permission from sports vision . And the original text publish here more gelatin runner. Articles on sports vision exercise starts  understandi. yourself (glycolysis) exercise starts understand yourself (muscle type). What is the method of hyperglycemia supplementation. Why should you develop the habit of exercising while you are young?

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