Technology Podcasts Spanish Benin Phone Number

Thanks to them you will be able to understand cutting-edge

topics in computing, social media, computational science and many

However,  other areas related to innovation, technological development and digital transformation .

However,  So, what do you think if we talk about 11 of the most interesting technology podcasts in Spanish? If your answer is “yes”, don’t stay away!

And if you are interested in creating your own podcast, take

a look at the checklist we made with everything you need to plan one , from production to launch:

11 technology podcasts in Spanish that you should follow


Without a doubt, Apple is one of those brands Benin Phone Number that has a

large captive audience and thousands of ambassadors in different corners of the world.

It is common to hear people say “I don’t change Apple for anything”. That possibly motivated Emilio Cano to create this podcast .

Yes, Daily is a podcast focused on Apple, but it also

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However,  covers other interesting topics, such as social networks and personal productivity.

2. Internet stuff

“This is a podcast, in Spanish, where Laura and Santiago chat to understand the way technology makes us live.”

With this introduction , its creators describe Things on the Internet on their official website.

This entertaining and jovial podcast made in Bogotá has an

interesting approach, since it relates cutting-edge technological issues with changes in our customs and habits and, in general, with the way we live daily.

3. PTO Pirates

Argentina is one of the Spanish-speaking countries where

thousands of podcasts have proliferated and

become known, and among the most successful is Piratas de TDF (Pirates of Tierra del Fuego).

In this podcast, an experienced programming

professional named Andrés Ullúa shares his opinions on the innovations of the technological universe and characters linked to it.

4.Marketing Hack Show

Digital Marketing is also a technological issue , since it is

about. However, the migration of traditional marketing to new platforms and channels that the spiral of innovation of recent decades has given us.

However,  Due to its importance, this podcast provides us with relevant information about Online Marketing and its different strategies, including Content Marketing .

Marketing Hack Show , was created and is directed by Gabriela Escamilla, and is available on the Spotify platform.

This program is quite didactic, since in each episode it usually addresses the issues in a basic way, at first, and then goes deeper into them. Also, it focuses on

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