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is another technology podcast that is characteriz by being dynamic and entertaining, ideal for both geeks and people who are in the process of learning and familiarizing themselves with the subject.

Essentially, it is based on interviews with relevant figures from the technological world, especially from the IT area.

The program, presented by Pablo Trinidad and Frank Blanco, is available on iVoox, iTunes and RSS.

6. Children of the Web

For this project, a group of Mexicans and content producers came together to debate and give their opinion on a wide variety of topics, especially technology and programming.

In addition, Children of the Web covers areas of history, cinema, music and anime.

7. The Valley of the Stubborn

Silicon Valley, one of the world capitals for technology Bolivia Phone Number companies and startups , has also been conquer by Latino executives and investors .

Precisely, this podcast focuses on telling the story of overcoming these characters, the “stubborn”.

Even in some star programs this class of personalities are interviewed directly.

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Also, in El Valle de los Tercos they talk about technological innovations and various topics.

8. Air Ideas

Thomas Lash, an experienced teacher, created this podcast to do what he does best: impart knowledge.

Ideas al Aire encourages the technological curiosity of the public and tries to develop their creative potential and also addresses current issues in the digital and computer world. These topics are explained through the opinion of your driver.

9. Nerd core

Technological development goes far beyond the Internet and social networks . There are thousands of other elements and creations, among them: video games.

That is why in Mexico, a country known for its large community of gamers , Leo Lambertini and Oscar Yasse Noriega, known as “Akira” and creator of Atomix magazine, decided to carry out this podcast.

Nerdcore ‘s podcasts are one hour long and focus specifically on video games, although they occasionally talk about other gadgets .

They have also made several episodes of exclusive interviews with personalities from the gamer and technological world.

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