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The original question about how to avoid an awkward silence. Is what got me thinking about this, as it Panama Mobile Number implies that the person asking the question. Was not going to the conference prepared. Typically, you’ll know ahead of time if key customers and industry peers will be attending the conference. So don’t wait until you’re there to find Panama Mobile Number out how to talk to them and what to talk to them about. Instead, prepare ahead via social media. Now let me be clear. I’m not suggesting that you be friends with people on facebook if they don’t know you.

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However, some fairly simple searches of their public posts. Twitter feed, and linkedin profiles will Panama Mobile Number likely yield key information such as. What is the person’s work history. Topics do they talk about the most. What non-professional topics interest them? (that’s the key!) are they married and do they have children? And more. You Panama Mobile Number get where i’m going. Armed with an array of information about the people you meet, there will be no awkward silence. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to connect. With them on a human level. I often remember two quotes from the great dale carnegie.

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Panama Mobile Number
Panama Mobile Number

The royal road to a man’s heart is to tell him of the things he cherishes the most. And “when dealing Panama Mobile Number with people. Remember that you are dealing not with logical creatures. But with emotional creatures. Both of these are true. Yes, this person Panama Mobile Number probably wants to talk shop with you. But there are a lot of people who do. The difference will come in the unprofessional speech. Let’s say you are talking to Panama Mobile Number a potential client. They’ll probably talk to half a dozen other people with offers like yours.

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