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Two months before the entry into force of the GDPR. More than a third of Romanian companies. Do not yet know what it is or. I think it does not apply to them. The General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. In short GDPR , will enter into force on 25 2018, the Indonesia WhatsApp Number date from which it will have to be applied by all companies in the European Union. Although at a glance one might think that GDPR only refers to very sensitive customer data, such as those related to tax records. Health information, etc.

How Ready Are Romanian Companies

The reality is quite different. Download Report on the Impact of GDPR on Romanian Companies I want to get instant access How ready are Romanian companies to align with the GDPR? The Regulation covers any type of personal data and applies to all companies that hold and process such data. And since almost all companies process data at least about their employees and customers, they implicitly become the subject of GDPR. This is why the regulation affects most companies.

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Whether large or very small. Or whether it is aimed at end customers or business customers. Gdpr-laptop Based on this premise. MKOR Consulting specialists asked a series of questions. To decision-makers in Romanian companies to find. Out how well they prepared for the changes. But That are expected from May 25, 2018. The information obtained in this way has been aggregated in this white paper which we invite you to download for free . Download for free the study on the impact of GDPR in Romanian companies Download Report on the Impact of GDPR on Romanian Companies I want to get instant access.

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