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Although the default length of a video on YouTube is 15 minutes, you can increase that limit by verifying your account.

With that, the maximum duration becomes 12 hours.

To explain the ideal duration on YouTube, let’s think about the great advantage of the social network: personalization .

The user has the freedom to browse their preferred content at any time. I mean, he’s the one with the address.

This is even more important on YouTube, a platform in which the user is surrounded by other video content options .


  • Possible duration: up to 1 minute
  • Ideal duration: 30 seconds
  • Curiosity: videos on Instagram win twice as much engagement as photos on any other social media

One of the most loved apps, Instagram features Colombia Phone Number high engagement rates.

The great difference of the application is that, unlike other media, the focus is on the visual. Thanks to that, scrolling is faster than any other social network.

In other words, the consumption of content on Instagram is fast. That means your videos should be

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short, with an average of 30 seconds.

Here, it is worth betting on interactions, that is, fun, eye-catching videos that attract the user of one.

Otherwise, it will continue to scroll without paying much attention to your post.

Instagram Stories

  • Possible duration: up to 15 seconds
  • Ideal duration: 15 seconds
  • Curiosity: 35% of Instagram users see and create videos in Stories

One of the resources implemented after the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook is Stories, a replica of the format that was very famous on Snapchat.

In this model, the maximum and the ideal size are the same. By themselves, they are short and generate good user engagement.

Here the videos are more informal, usually showing people behind a business. Don’t be afraid to show your face to your followers!

Check out how to get results on Instagram in the full ebook about the platform .

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