Strategy In Times Of “Crisis”

That has come to set a trend in the world of streaming, but enough to overthrow the competition. According to figures from Bloomberg, Disney Plus has registered nearly 95 million users in just 14 months, a figure that Netflix took about 9 years to conquer. For Digital TV Research in 2026, Disney Plus will reach 294 million subscribers worldwide, compared to the 286 million that Netflix is ​​expected to have then. However, these forecasts may not become a reality since during the first quarter of this year, the streaming service reached 103.6 million subscribers worldwide, when 109.3 million were expected. Although the figure is not bad, it is not what analysts and surely Disney expected, so the delivery of this new animated series.

Could be one more hook for consumers, by uniting two of its largest productions within the platform such as WandaVision and Loki are, which set a trend and a significant appeal on the brand. Competition in streaming becomes more acute as time goes by and sanitary conditions continue to change, so this new title could be the answer to Disney’s prayers to regain its path to success. Disney is one of the most important production companies in the world, where its animated films are a fundamental part of its success. Over the years, Disney, a company originally from the United States, has sought to adapt to changes in consumers, both in the way they view content and the stories they must tell so as not to lose their charm in front of audiences.

Year After Year, The Animated

Company shows its intention to reach different Afghanistan phone number in a specific way, which is why it has taken different cultures in the world as a reference to translate them into a story that will spread worldwide. Whether it is the fusion of two cultures such as the United States and Japan in Big Heroes. Big Hero 6 or medieval Scotland with Valiente. Walt Disney Studios has decided to set its sights on Latin America to exploit the richness of the diverse culture that spreads throughout the region. Coco: the first step Disney-Pixar had the first approach to the diverse culture of Latin America. At least in this century, in Coco, the film based on the Mexican tradition of the Day of the. Dead that turned the holiday into a celebration recognized throughout the world.

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More than a hobby: the self-made musician The success of the film was. Due to the understanding of Mexican culture and the role of tradition, in a simple but striking way. After six years of research by the creators of Coco to capture Mexico, in a real, respectful way. And correct. The good execution of the production led the company to raise more than 800 billion dollars. Where the United States, China and Mexico were the main consumers of the production. As well as to win awards such as the Oscar for Best Picture.

Disney Wants To It Seems

That Disney wants to repeat the formula, but with a new story within the mountains in a region of Colombia. Which will be called Encantados and that undoubtedly already seemed. To convince the market of the country in which the film is inspired. After revealing its first trailer. The film has been filled with positive comments from users. Who recognized the detail that Walt Disney put into the creation of the film with winks such as weather vanes. Marshmallows and wooden cocas, as well as the blue butterfly (Colombian icon) and capybaras. As well as an artisanal coffee maker to prepare red wines. As coffee is know in Colombia.

It should be remembered that animate cinema is almost a guarantee in the entertainment industry. Year after year the main production companies and animation studios. Bring new stories to theaters in order not only to attract the viewer. But to create a bond with them. And betting on emblematic and much-loved representations in Colombia will give you even more opportunities to connect with the public. This industry generates revenues of more than 80 billion dollars. According to data from the Global Animation Industry report, published by PR Newsire. Where the cinema is one of the fastest growing sectors. So the expectation that Disney has of Latin culture, especially Colombian en Encanto, is understandable.

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