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Moreover, the conflict was already official. On June 20. 1940. we invite you to revisit. reread and remember this European history. International Colloquium: From Munich to Paris (1938-1940). From the Spanish Civil War to the new German Europe What did 5 hours of sharing problems. ideas. research. questions in the Women and Art seminar give you? Last Saturday. March 9. Joan Campàs . professor of Art History. gave a seminar entitled Women and art . in the framework of the International Day of Women and the Cycle Catalonia. laboratory of the Humanities. organized by the Studies of Arts and Humanities at the UOC . We share the contents that we worked on in the Conference.

Similarly, your body is a battleground Wwiktoria | CC BY-SA 4.0 – Creative Commons | 1. After that,  on the origins of art: coalitions of painted women Altamira versus Atapuerca : when. how and why does symbolic capacity appear? We are Homo sapiens and. from there. we elaborate art. language. symbolism. or have we been building art. language and symbolism and have we become Homo sapiens ?. Reproductive synchrony. red paint. disappearance of the alpha male. paternity control. female cosmetics coalition… Art as a social relationship and creation of meanings.

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Above all, of the first part of the Women and Art Seminar here Cameroon phone number From “sexual selection” to “fake menstruation” as a hypothesis about the origin of art 2. Asherah. the wife of Yahweh The problem of translation in biblical texts. The case of mermaids. The translation of Asherah by sacred trunk. Who was Asherah who appears 40 times in the Old Testament? The relationship with Asherdu. Athirat. Ixtar. Astarte . and Eve . The tree of life. the Menorah. The texts of Ras Shamra. the sites of Kuntillet Ajrud and Khirbet el Qom. Tel Taanac. You can read the presentation of the second part of the Women and Art Seminar here Asherah. the wife of Yahweh 3. Susanna and the Elders of Artemisia Gentileschi The study of a work and a possible research model in Art History. Comparative analysis between the male and female gaze.

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For instance, the theme of Susanna and the Eldersfrom the Greek Chamber of the Catacombs of Priscilla in Rome to Picasso. Taking advantage of the animal ‘rebirth’. behind our confinement ). nothing changes .If we do. we are confident that. among all the possible paths. we will choose the one that goes through science. empathy and sustainability . We do not turn a virus into a Covid-1984- style Orwellian post-academy . After reading this article on pandemics in history. if you are interested in contemporary history . we invite you to visit this publication on 10 books recommended by Jaume Claret . historian and professor of UOC Arts and Humanities Studies

Judith Butler And Maria

Therefore, mercè Marçal. three women who have transformed the social sphere For this March 8 . International Women’s Day . we have set out from the UOC’s Arts and Humanities. Department to highlight 3 leading women in our field. Before naming them, we point out that it has not been an easy task to make. A choice between so many extraordinary and powerful women in our branches of knowledge: humanities. philosophy. history. art. literature. culture… There is an extensive list . endless. of high-level women who have marked the trajectory of the disciplines linked to the arts and humanities. Most importantly, we highlight three in order to highlight those women who have transformed part of society since their careers.

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