Sputtr: Ultra-complete Customizable Metasearch Engine

Sputtr is a very good metasearch engine . Sites of the genre have been multiplying for some time.monthyears, but their quality and interest grows over time. The multiplicity of sources but also the different types of content have led to a change in behavior and uses . Where until recently we were Lithuania B2B List online texts to satisfy our curiosity, it is now becoming unthinkable not to use video, aggregation sites, photos or even bookmark services to obtain a wide range of results . Admittedly, Google shows varied results during a classic query.

The Genre Have Been Multiplying

But you might as well get the information directly where it is and not be Lithuania B2B List on a single source. Sputtr offers a range of 36 sources by default. After entering the targeted word(s), you just need to click on the icon representing the chosen service to access the results. Among them, we find Youtube, the various Google services, IMDB, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati, Dailymotion, FlickR, DeviantArt… In short, all the heavyweights . But the service doesn’t stop there. After registration, you can customize the icons present and choose the services of your choice from more than 100 proposals. Despite all this, there is not your happiness? In this case, you can suggest another search engine . A French version exists, however it does not offer as many choices.

After Entering the Targeted

Lithuania B2B List
Lithuania B2B List

To put urgently in favorites! This time, ninjas will appear on your pages. Same principle: you have a bookmark at your disposal or a code to install on your blog. Prefer the bookmark, we get tired of it very quickly  Seen on What’s up net ninjafy bacoliciousBacolicious : a wave arrives from Lithuania B2B List Atlantic. For obscure reasons, it seems that bacon is the new creative leitmotif… Don’t ask me why, lolcats better watch out. Essential instrument, bacolio.us offers you to add a slice of bacon to your blog. Yum. Just add your URL at the end of the site address. bacon zombieZombieurl : this site works on the principle of URL shorteners. Enter your address, it will shorten it. With the bonus of a little surprise: a zombie appears after a few seconds. It’s silly, but it works. zombie As a bonus, you can discover a ninth site, Paint that shit gold . It will allow you to “bling-blingize” your blog by tagging it, it seems to be fashionable. In another style, do not forget to try the transformation into skyblog and cht’i !

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