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Placed on the market with great prestige. This as a result not only of its footwear. but also in large part to the millionaire and well-planned advertising campaigns. which usually have powerful messages and well-known faces in the sports world such as the American gymnast Simone Biles. the swimmer Michael Phelps. among much others. So it would not be strange to think that the brand suffers from counterfeiting problems. which is why Nike has taken legal action against portals and online sellers. however. the battle is still long. Credits: Nike 2.MAC Cosmetics The giant of the beauty industry. MAC cosmetics. is not only one of the most popular in the entertainment world. beauty bloggers.

Makeup artists and others. If not. it is also the most pirated makeup brand in the world. The worst thing is that this practice is becoming more common among consumers who prefer to pay less money for “quality” products. without realizing that these products are manufactured in clandestine laboratories and contain chemicals that could harm the skin and health of consumers. . How to identify fake MAC makeup Photo: Bigstock 3-Samsung The South Korean technology creator brand heads the list of pirated brands in the telephony sector. It is common for consumers to be misled and scammed with fake products. From March 2020 to February 2021 alone. 572.303 devices in China turned out to be fake.

Of Which 34% Were Samsung

Followed by Apple with 13%. China is one of the Jamaica phone number countries where they are manufactured. Image: Bigstock 4- Viagra Drug counterfeiting is one of the most dangerous in the piracy industry and the best-selling pill on the black market is Viagra. According to statements by Jeff Kindler Pfizer . six out of 10 pills sold on the Internet are fake. Putting consumers at mortal risk. Image: Bigstock 5-Adidas Another of the most famous and prestigious tennis brands in the world also has a serious problem with the counterfeiting of its products. The German brand has tried to take action against piracy. and has even asked its consumers to report it if they witness this crime.

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Even so. Adidas is one of the most counterfeited brands in the world. only in Mexico it tops the second place on the list. Adidas Image: Bigstock 6.Chanel The French brand is one of the most expensive in the world. so piracy is a way for people who cannot have access to it to resort to this crime. The counterfeiting problems with. The brand is so big that even in 2017 the Amazon company had to pay almost 3 million dollars for selling fake products. 7-Louis Vuitton The French brand is one of the most pirated in the world. since having access to one of the bags is a luxury for the majority of the population.

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The company decided to start taking action in the matter since 2014 to prevent the counterfeiting of its products. And even sued eBay in 2008 for selling fake bags. Which it won and received 39 million dollars in damages. Image: Louis Vuitton The problem of counterfeiting brands is something that affects companies directly. Making them lose millions. and although in Mexico it is very common to find piracy in the streets. The subway or almost anywhere. let us remember that this is a crime. Counterfeiting exists from medical supplies. car accessories. toys. cosmetics. To copyrights. According to data from the Attorney General’s Office. 6 out of 10 products sold in Mexico are illegal.

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