Snapily, Your Professional Business Card in 3d

There’s something new on the side of business cards ! The Israeli start-up Snapily has been offering 3-dimensional maps on their site for a few days . The proof in image with that of Orli Yakuel: The principle is therefore to obtain a customizable 3D effect on one side and its coordinates in a more classic way on the other. No doubt, this allows you to create an original business card . The result reminds me a little Burma B2B List “collector’s” cards offered in certain cereal boxes… For the better, I hope! Many effects are possible, from animated mini-movie to morphing. The business card is therefore not the only targeted area: greeting cards, scrapbooks, invitations…

New on the Side of Business Cards

The fields of application can be numerous. Here is a video Burma B2B List Many templates are available. Professional business cards start at $7.99 for 20. The price then decreases. It’s not cheap, but it can be a good way to stand out. When will the product arrive in France? Create your avatar by making your caricature. Have fun changing the shape of the face, the eyes, the mouth… avatarsmur JPG Smurf your self : Create your personalized smurf. Smurf Hip-Hop, sportsman, artist…

The Price Then Decrease

Burma B2B List
Burma B2B List

You have the choice between the smurf and the smurfette. avatar3D.JPGDigimi: An avatar resembling you in 3D! A site very well done and that in the smallest details. As a bonus, a Burma B2B List cover will be generated with you on the cover of course! Easy to use, the customization possibilities are numerous. More info here disneyDisney : here you can create your Disney toon. Ideal if you are a fan of Mickey. Upload your photo, the site takes care of the rest! To be reserved for the youngest. digibodyDigibody ; this is about creating a caricature of you. Choose from the many facial features available to redraw mouth, eyes, skull shape and other elements.

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