Shanghai Was Then Like Dubai

With Franco in Spain . relations broke down. At that time. the Franco regime recognized the Republic of China housed in what we know today as Taiwan under the control of the “general” anti-communist Chiang Kai-shek . one of the foreign leaders most decorated by the Franco government. This image has the attribute high empty; his name is rey.jpg Xi Jinping in the Plaza de Armas with His Majesty King Philip VI. military authorities and the cavalry of the Royal Guard It was in the 70’s and 80’s when relations normalized between the two countries and Spain recognizes the People’s Republic of China as legitimate.

The Chinese government is trying to maintain cordial relations with Europe and Spain today . In 2018. the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping was received with full fanfare by the Spanish authorities. who managed to strengthen international relations in part in order to boost the export of meat products or processed products such as olive oil and wines. although they are still anecdotal products in the Asian country today. Trade and migration. the main relations today The most obvious social and cultural exchange for citizens is in immigration and trade run by Chinese in Spain .

They Are The Seventh Largest

Foreign community in Spain with more than 190.000 inhabitants. the Poland phone number majority in Zhejiang . a region where “it is possible to find some former residents of Spain or who return to visit and speak Spanish.” says Martínez-Robles . The Spanish community in China . on the other hand. is about 5.000 people. slightly more than in previous decades. although it has declined during the covid-19 pandemic. which has led to the return of foreign residents to same countries around the world. This image has the attribute high empty; his name is ano-chino-1024×683.jpg Celebration of the Chinese New Year in Barcelona. Year 2019. Joan Cortadellas (El Periódico de Catalunya) Contrary to the image of a closed country.

Poland Phone Number

” China is a multiethnic and multicultural country”. what happens is that historically it has been “a distant culture” and therefore there is still a lot of ignorance about its reality. reflects Martínez-Robles . He acknowledges. however. that an official “nationalist” discourse currently prevails. ” China is very big. We need to differentiate Shanghai . where people have a more modern life than any Barcelonan. from a rural community “. adds Ortells . According to some historians. 1989 was the last year of the twentieth century. a century that began with the Russian Revolution and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall . the beginning of democratic transitions in Eastern Europe. and the demise of the Soviet Union. Fall of the Berlin Wall (Wikimedia Commons) The context However.

Some Historians Went Further

And interpreted those transcendental historical facts as a sign of what they called the end of history . They thought that in the face of the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the outcome of the Cold War . Liberal democracy and capitalism would eventually be imposed globally as the only possible system. No analyst predicted. however. that thirty years later. The world’s most populous country (and the second largest global economic power). Would be ruled by a Communist Party with more than 90 million members. The party with the most members in the world. No one doubts that 1989 was a key year and a turning point in contemporary history.

But that was not the end of the story. No one doubts that 1989 was a key year and a turning point in contemporary history. But that was not the end of the story. On the other hand. the communist bloc. despite the appearance of a joint collapse. Was never entirely monolithic. The two most important countries. the Soviet Union and China . Had virtually no political relations after Nikita Khrushchev ‘s official visit to Beijing in August 1958. Diplomatic tensions That visit was deliberately sabotaged by Mao Zedong . Who received the Soviet leader literally in a bathing suit in his private. Pool after feeling humiliated in Moscow before Joseph Stalin .

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