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Additionally, mip now has 215 components designed for public use. Mip cache response time has Benin Mobile Number optimized with speed increases of 50% or more. And mip has now enabled mip-install-serviceworker for offline caching. In june, i spoke with junjie wang, the owner of baidu mip. At the baidu vip conference in shanghai. He explained Benin Mobile Number that mip, although it is a derivative version of google’s amp. Is optimized for internet users in china who use different browsers. And browsing behaviors than the west. Baidu and google collaborated for a faster web. In fact, baidu helped google set up its amp cdn in china.

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Baidu has indexed a considerable number of amp pages. Although these do not display the lightning bolt Benin Mobile Number icon in baidu’s search results as mip pages do (see screenshot below). For sites serving mainland china audience only. I recommend deploying mip instead of amp. Flash icon for mip results on baidu serp flash icon for Benin Mobile Number mip results on baidu serp. The other improvement that baidu is bringing to china is secure web. Baidu webmaster tools launched a new https site Benin Mobile Number authentication. Feature in may that allows https sites to have a better presence on baidu serps.

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Benin Mobile Number
Benin Mobile Number

Previously, when https pages were not well supported. Baidu didn’t know whether to index an insecure page or a secure page. The sites had to create two versions with different protocols to have Benin Mobile Number a better result in indexing. Now, once this authentication is passed. Only the secure pages of your website will be indexed and presented on the serps. Authenticate an https site in baidu webmaster tools authenticate an Benin Mobile Number site in baidu webmaster tools. Pwas and lavas pwas (progressive web apps) for baidu are finally here! Just like google pwa, baidu version of pwa can have features like desktop icon.

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