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You can also create events Egypt Mobile Number with start and end times. When people search for your business. They’ll see your posts in the knowledge graph on desktop. But perhaps Egypt Mobile Number more importantly for restaurants. On mobile they’ll see something like: google posts in serps with posts. Restaurants can not only advertise specials and events, but claim a lot more real estate on google for free. Quick urls and speaking Egypt Mobile Number of claiming more real estate for free, on august 10 an update to google my business. Was rolled out that allowed businesses to add additional links to deeper pages on their site.

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While this capability is open to all businesses. Restaurants seem to be making the most of it. Where a Egypt Mobile Number lowly seo consultant can only add a link. To an appointment booking page, restaurants can add additional links to their menu. Advance order url, and reservation url. The result is something like: restaurant quick links as Egypt Mobile Number you can see, these links. Give you additional real estate (especially on mobile) but, more importantly, they help users navigate to the part of your site. That interests them the most, perhaps allowing save time on the phone by promoting the reservation.

Your Menus Egypt Mobile Number

Egypt Mobile Number
Egypt Mobile Number

And you are even allowed to link to a page that is not part of your own domain. If you are using an Egypt Mobile Number external provider to provide transactional functionality. Seo tip quotes citations are important to most, if not all, local seo, but in no industry are they more important than for restaurants. Indeed, for restaurants, citations Egypt Mobile Number are not only a local seo signal but also a solid source of traffic. Sites like foursquare and yelp drive significant views, direct calls, and traffic. And they’re especially strong in restaurant queries. For this reason, i cannot recommend highly enough that you claim and personally.

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