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Three years ago, google announced that it could now run javascript. To better understand pages. However, javascript tests. Like this recent one by bartosz goralewicz or stephan Poland Mobile Number boyer’s. Have shown that it depends on how it is implemented and the framework used. It is then essential to follow certain best practices, with a progressive improvement approach to keep content accessible. As well as to avoid Poland Mobile Number others, such as the old ajax crawling proposal. And only rely on javascript if it is absolutely necessary. Indeed, tests run by will critchlow also showed improved results. When removing a site’s reliance on javascript for critical content and internal links.

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During an seo audit, it is now essential to determine. Whether the site relies on javascript to display its Poland Mobile Number main content or its navigation and to ensure. That it is accessible and correctly rendered by google. Configuring js mining at the page level, you Poland Mobile Number can check. Javascript’s crawl behavior and re-render with google search console’s “crawl like google” feature. Or with chrome’s devtools, checking Poland Mobile Number any page dom with the elements panel and comparing. It with what google shows in its cached version, as shown in the screenshot below.

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Poland Mobile Number
Poland Mobile Number

Js crawling indexing for site-wide javascript crawling validation. You can use seo crawlers such Poland Mobile Number as sitebulb or screaming frog. Seo spider (which supports javascript rendering through the “spider configuration”). As also shown in the screenshot above. You will be able to see how the content is rendered and if the required resources are blocked. For larger sites, you can also use botify, which has an on-demand Poland Mobile Number javascript scanning option. 3. Use and optimization of structured data google serps are long gone. From the traditional “10 blue links” thanks to the images. Videos and local packs of universal search results.

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