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As technology advances, search engines can refine their ranking algorithms. To better determine relevance Germany Mobile Number and return results that better match searcher intent. Because these ranking algorithms are constantly being improved and refined, search engine ranking factors. Are constantly changing. Factors that might have once had a huge impact on search rankings. May no longer matter as much, and new Germany Mobile Number ranking factors (such as mobile-friendliness or https) may emerge to reflect changing technologies. And user behaviors. So what are the most important ranking factors today, in 2017? A panel at smx east, “seo ranking factors in 2017. What matters and what doesn’t,” attempted to answer that question.

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This panel featured data from large-scale studies by semrush. And searchmetrics, along with case studies Germany Mobile Number and practical tips for adapting your seo strategies to today’s realities. Semrush 2.0 ranking factors the first panelist was olga andrienko from semrush. Who shared the results of a large-scale ranking factor study that looked at the Germany Mobile Number top 100 positions for 600,000 keywords. Keywords have been grouped by search volume into the following categories: very high: 10,001+ monthly searches high. 1,001 to 10,000 monthly searches average: 101 to 1000 monthly searches low.

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Germany Mobile Number
Germany Mobile Number

To 100 monthly searches semrush looked at on-page factors. Referring domains, and traffic data, then Germany Mobile Number compiled its results to see which ranking factors seemed to matter most. Here are some of their findings: website security (https) semrush found that 65% of domains in the top three positions. For very high volume keywords are already secure. While not a huge ranking factor, andrienko recommended Germany Mobile Number switching to https to help with conversions and build trust. Content length semrush found that content length generally had a positive correlation with search rankings. Content on pages in the top three positions is 45% longer, on average, than content in the 20th position.

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