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It’s a special time to Iran Mobile Number a marketer. Many of us in the seo world. Myself included, aren’t traditionally trained as marketers. In fact, i studied computer science and Iran Mobile Number was first a web and software developer. My marketing career was a happy accident. A case of being in the right place at the right time. I was working on Iran Mobile Number developing e-commerce sites. And when that work was done. The question quickly became, how do i get more traffic and more customers? This led me into the new and exciting world of seo around 1999.

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Of course, there’s more to marketing than getting high search engine rankings. And it took me a while to Iran Mobile Number figure that out. But over the years as an seo. I’ve learned the value of more traditional marketing processes and their relationship to seo . Search Iran Mobile Number engines want to connect people with the best results possible. So user engagement and satisfaction is likely an seo ranking factor . Sure, on-page Iran Mobile Number signals and links are still very important. But they won’t help if users aren’t interacting with your site.

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Iran Mobile Number
Iran Mobile Number

Seo has become an integral part of the overall marketing process. And good marketing will only improve rankings and drive more traffic. And it follows that the seos i respect and Iran Mobile Number admire are all very savvy marketers. It is not enough to focus on increasing traffic. To do well in seo in 2017 and beyond, you need to be a great marketer. In this article, i’ll look at the marketing mix and a classic marketing tool Iran Mobile Number known as the “4 ps of marketing.” I will discuss how you can use this tool to improve your marketing and seo. The 4 ps of marketing the classic definition of marketing is simply. “Putting the right product in the right place.

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