Search Engines for Children: Kid Rex and Babygo

It’s a fact, the Internet is invading schoolyards. MSN has replaced the landline, skyblogs have made diaries obsolete, flash games are preferred to hopscotch. This digital revolution resulted in the wave of digital natives (like Maxence ), born with a keyboard in one hand and an iPhone in Hungary B2B List . It is difficult (and a shame) to prevent your children from surfing from an early age . An initiation to the web (in moderation of course) will be useful for their future professional life and their studies. But even without giving in to the alarmist advertisements released recently, it is worth paying attention to the sites they visit. Some filtering software can help you with this.

This Digital Revolution Resulted

Search engines for children also make it possible to avoid Hungary B2B List containing pornographic or violent sites. Here is a selection of three of them. KidRex kid rex KidRex’s design is really nice. In a handwritten drawing style, we see a Tyrannosaurus rex and a simple search field. The engine is based on Google Custom Search with a filter system for pornographic terms contained in titles, pages and URLs. The site specifies that the results are not 100% effective (this is rarely the case) but that they tend to come close. In case of bad surprise, a withdrawal form is available. Babygo baby go Babygo has the advantage of being entirely in French. It offers sub-sections directly accessible from the home page: games, images, coloring, books. The design of the site is successful and the navigation simple and uncluttered. Ideal for a first grip of the mouse! All of the sites in the index have been checked manually. A calculator and a conjugation table are even available on the home page.

To Avoid Search Results Containing

Hungary B2B List
Hungary B2B List

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