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We’re going to use this model. For the demo i’ll go through it quickly and be done. To register. After that you can add e.g. Day wait. So a specified period of time e.g. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Wait until conditions. You see here that it is waiting for certain conditions to be met. So we click here. We choose conditions. So we have. Let’s say. Let’s say the current time is noon. Here you can simply drag and drop or click here. It’s the same. And select. You have many actions: send email.  Send email notification. Send site message – professional package. Conditions and workflow so “wait”. “if then” is interesting! So the “action” for example opens the activity. Add to. So yes. I do. No. I do.

Cool! So if so. I don’t know. We’ll just say send an email. We can Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers also suddenly add goals like buy training etc where you can add goals. Objective. Such as registering in a client list. Etc. This way. If the person buys your tripwire. Your offer. We say your oto from the start. He won’t get all the emails between the subscription time and the goal fulfillment. What else do we have? We can do ab testing separately. We can access another action. For example here. We can access here. So what else do we have? We can start another automation and end this one. Not much use. Just for visuals. You can visually see that automation is ending. Then we have . We can also do calculations. Pretty advanced stuff.

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You can subscribe or unsubscribe from contacts. You can update it. Add tags. Remove tags. Add notes. Add points. Obviously it is necessary to play this account. As well as other features here. Add to or remove from a custom audience. After salesforce. Integration is also possible. So there are really many things. Really endless possibilities. What else is there to say? You can zoom in here and zoom out there. So. We go back to automation. We will delete. Then when managing messages. We have access to all messages. And therefore all messages that exist in all automations. And the automated map is to have an overview. Eg segmentation. Attraction. You can see it has something to do with all this .

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers
Automation. Number of contacts. Campaigns sent. Goals. Therefore signups. Attractiveness 1.4%. For example. I also have an engagement/attraction related segment where you see purchase goals. Six people bought my offer. So it’s pretty cool to get an overview. Goal report goal report. These are my goals. Here. 14 percent hit the target. Here. There are 4% etc. Contact report we have contact relationships. So there is a tendency to contact. Is growth. Active contacts. New contacts. Unsubscribed. Best contacts. It’s also cool. The ones that interact with me more. Open trend. So it’s open on mondays. Noon. Lots. 6pm. 8pm. And lots more on gmail. Nearby contacts. I can’t. Flagging trends.

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I obviously can’t. Talk report talk report. I can’t do it either. I don’t have enough data. Conversation and then in the conversation. That’s what i showed you at first. And there’s another guy just chatting with me. So there he said to me want a youtube channel name. Very good ! We have to think about it so i can answer him directly here. Well. 13 days left. If i want to add a seat. I’ll click here to take advantage of the conversation feature. Contact list then in the list. We will get all the lists. We’ll be able to import contacts. Edit lists. View contacts. Manage commitments. Segments. And finally create a segment which is still incredible. Subscribe via sms. Subscribe via email. Advanced parameters. Actually a lot of .

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