Result of the Best of Blogs

Launched on August 31, the international blogging contest Bobs (Best of blogs) has just awarded its prizes. The winners have the merit of going beyond the usual standards of the blogs put forward. On the French-speaking side, Yoro’s Blog wins the day. An Ivorian journalist deals with local (and international) news. Yoro The best blog in all categories is Cuban. This is Generation Y. This award should please Benjamin . moreover generation y The full list of winners is available below. Best Weblog: Generation Y Best Podcast: Radio Grinch Best Videoblog: moreover Voices of Africa Reporters Without Borders Award: Armenia B2B List Blogwares Prize: Maratochka Best Weblog / Arabic: Ohod Best .

This Award Should Please Benjamin

Political Party Blog Best Blog / French: Le Blog de Yoro Best Weblog / Indonesian: Food log Best Weblog / Dutch: Media Ide Best Weblog / Farsi: Freelancer Best Weblog / Portuguese: Querida Lector Best Weblog / Russian: MetroDream Best Weblog / This selection is the result of the votes of the jury. The public also gave their opinion, moreover you can find it here Among Armenia B2B List of services that allow you to grind, modify, kitchise, decorate or even customize your photos and images (I should also give you a summary). Among these here are two that allow you to transform a photo into a Polaroid .

The Illustrations of Your Blog

Armenia B2B List
Armenia B2B List

Nothing exceptional then, but it can allow you to vary the Armenia B2B List of your blog or give an original aspect to your vacation photos. Pixisnap : Pixisnap is a photo editing service that allows you two things. First possibility, create a mosaic of photos. Second thing, transform a single photo into an assembly of Polaroids. The results are really nice. pixisnap Framer : Framer, as the name suggests, allows you to customize the frame of your photos or images. Choose the desired photo from your computer, its URL or directly from FlickR or Photobucket. Then choose the desired style: US stamp, Canadian, Polaroid, film… About twenty are available. to frame Poladroid : this is a software to download.

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